About Us

Our footwear fashionista, commonly known as 'That Shoe Lady', became a seller of shoes in 2016 after falling hard for a particular brand of shoes and, finding herself in need of a change of vocation, began selling these online and at local markets.
After talking to many happy customers and people interested in something a bit different at markets, we took on board some of the suggestions made about ideas for great shoe designs and sought to bring about their reality. We began designing under our own label ‘Little Goody New Shoes’ in 2017 and love being able to be creative in this way.
We are also able to manufacture one-off pairs of shoes or boots and also handbags, travelbags and backpacks for customers, including using photos or artwork from people wanting to have something very special created just for them.To access this service, please make contact via messenger - there's a blue link in the bottom right corner of this webpage - or a message on Facebook
Little Goody New Shoes items are able to be ordered at any time and usually arrive, having been made especially for you, within approximately 3 - 4 weeks.
Please note that holidays or other world events can affect manufacture and shipping times.
Although we aren't attending as many markets as we used to, we still hope to attend larger events such as Rock’n’Roll, Rockabilly and Hot Rod Festivals all over Victoria, New South Wales and South Australia when the opportunity to do so presents itself.
Come and find the most unique, fun, interesting and different shoes, boots and bags ever!