Unique, different, fun shoes you can wear all day from Little Goody New Shoes.

Don't you love being interesting?

I know that, as time goes on, I no longer feel that blending in is so important. Sure, times have changed but so have I.

Once, fearing ridicule and scrutiny, I wore boring shoes....actually that's because that is all there really was! 

Now ~ the universe has provided the technology required for unlimited interesting, unique, fun and different shoes, boots and bags to be designed.

fun boots tattoo design


Given an option earlier, I'd have chosen to show my individuality much sooner. I was already a shoe lover, now I'm a shoe aficionado! 

Why choose something unique?

Gosh, why not? Seriously, we don't have to be so serious about our shoes! Who says shoes and boots need to be sedate? What if you don't want to be somber or blend in all the time?

Maybe wearing a pair of Little Goody New Shoes shoes or boots can be an expression of something that makes you feel great, or shows something about you as a person that others will relate to. The compliments fly ALL DAY when wearing them - you just wait and see.

More than likely, they just look AMAZING with that perfect outfit!

Fun, unique, different and interesting

Who wears these different designs?

Well, people from just about all walks (get it?) of life, from the really young to those nearing their nineties! Here's a non-exhaustive list of those I know that LOVE these fun shoes, boot and bags:

  • Artists & Craft Lovers
  • Rock'n'Roll Dancers
  • Rockabilly and Pinup Lovers
  • Hot Rod and Unique Car lovers
  • Music Lovers and Musicians
  • Teachers
  • Pet Owners
  • Medical Professionals
  • Flower and Garden Lovers
  • Foodies

The list could go on but I'm sure you get the picture and can possibly see yourself in one or more of those categories. 

Are these shoes really so much fun?

You bet they are! Not only fun but comfortable as well. With the right size and fit, you can put these shoes or boots on and head off for the day knowing you will be able to keep them on all day without pain. Interesting has never felt so pleasant.

Jump in and start smiling more!

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  • Carol K

    I received my first pair today, 2 weeks after my initial enquiry to Trish
    I chose Poppies, but have already written my wishlist of several more lol
    I’m absolutely stunned by how beautiful they are, exactly as image, I actually caught my breath when I opened the box xx

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