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Hey, how cool is this?

My local paper Kyabram Free Press have written an article about the recent nomination I received! I feel incredibly humbled and hope you enjoy reading a little about where Little Goody New Shoes has come from x

Thanks to the journo, Dylan Brown, for getting in touch!

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Little Goody New Shoes nominated for award

By Dylan Brown

Kyabram business Little Goody New Shoes has been nominated in the inaugural Australian Rural Business Awards for the Excellence in E-commerce Award.

Owner Trish Deakin said she was honoured to be recognised for her work.

"I'm appreciative for the opportunity to be nominated, but if it doesn't go any further, I am totally happy with the fact I've been recognised," Mrs Deakin said.

She said seeing people in the street wearing her products always made her smile.

It's been a tough couple of years for Mrs Deakin, who started out only selling her products at the local markets.

“I only just set up my website in January before the pandemic started. Then the markets were forced to be closed," she said.

She was then forced to sell only online due to restrictions, however this extended her reach Australia-wide.

“It's been good, as I was able to expand my business through my Facebook page, as you are able to reach a larger audience and not just limited to your local area.”

She started her business back in 2016, having worked for another business that was selling shoes.

"When I was working with them at markets people would say they really liked the shoes but would ask if they did a certain design and could I ask them to," she said

"It was a big multi-national company so they weren't going to listen to me."

"So, I questioned myself, how was I going to get these people the shoes they are after with the design that they want?"

Mrs Deakin did some research online and found a supplier that would take her designs and put them on to shoes and bags.

"I can do one-off designs as well, so I don't have to order in big quantities, which is good for sustainability as I am only ordering what is needed.” she said.

“it   leads   to   very little wastage, instead of ordering say 10,000 pairs of a certain style of shoe and only 5000 sell, leaving you with all this excess stock to get rid of."

Mrs Deakin said any design could be made and customers weren't charged for the design work.

"It means the products are affordable and accessible for everyone, as it's not that high priced it puts it out of people 's budget," she said.

Mrs Deakin said she had always had a love for design, especially creating things that were a bit quirky and different “I am an artsy sort of person and my mother was an artist," she said.

"I do use artwork that my mum gifted me and I have a daughter in law who is also a digital artist as well that does some work for me:'



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