A Gift Guide for people who have EVERYTHING!

What can I buy for someone who has everything?

We all have them as friends or family members, those people who have almost everything that they need, or people who are very fussy or even people who say they don’t really want anything (they do, by the way!).

You don’t want to give another voucher to the department or hardware store where they can choose from things that are mass produced and, let’s face it, boring and common.

What is it, then, that you can buy that isn’t seen everywhere and that appeals specifically to your intended gift recipient?

Personalised gifts. Even better, personalised gifts that are wearable, comfortable and really show the personality of the wearer.

What are these personalised gifts? So many places are able to make things these days that have some sort of personalisation to them. For at least 30 years, we’ve been able to buy pens, key chains, drink bottles, lunch boxes and such items with names on them. I recall buying my young daughter a set of these things with her name on them but, really, there wasn’t a lot of choice with the names, if you had unusual spelling or an out of the ordinary name, as I do, there was actually little chance of finding that name so you had to settle for just the first initial of your name on a keyring.....again.

Keyring with letter BKeyring with letter N

Generic Initial Keyrings

Nowadays, there are endless examples of items that can be personalised thanks to better printing methods and the ability to customise things online.

At Little Goody New Shoes, we specialise in designing shoes, boots and bags that are fun, unique, interesting and different. Why would you want to look like everyone else? Why wouldn’t you want to wear and use things that are amazing and fit your personality perfectly? Why not give these interesting items as a gift?

Who do these gifts appeal to?

Artists & Craft Lovers
Rock'n'Roll Dancers
Rockabilly and Pinup Lovers
Hot Rod and Unique Car lovers
Music Lovers and Musicians
Pet Owners
Medical Professionals
Flower and Garden Lovers


You can choose from:

A) Existing designs – there’s a choice of in excess of 70 currently available (and continuing to grow) and these designs can be adapted to suit people’s preferences.

for example – here are the Poppies Boots ($110)

Poppies BootsPoppy Boots

 Poppies design boots (click link to go straight to Poppies boots)

This design can go onto several different styles of shoes and bags as well so that a whole range with the same theme can be bought. Just think, this will give you gift options for YEARS!

~ other styles of shoes and bags with the same design – Poppies ($40-$90)

Poppies BackpackPoppies Crossbody Canvas HandbagPoppies High Tops ShoesPoppies Low Tops ShoesPoppies Mary Jane Shoes

 Poppies designs on other items (click link to go to all Poppies items)

BUT here’s another option....

B) What if someone wanted to alter a design to suit their specific purpose or preferences? No issue!

Some examples of the Poppies design with amendments made:

Poppies Blue amended designPoppies Red and Purple amended design

 Amended Poppies designs (message me on Facebook to arrange customs)

BUT what if the person doesn’t want flowers (poppies or otherwise)? Again, no problem. Apart from the MANY designs available already at Little Goody New Shoes which can be adapted, there are still more options....

C) Using your own photos or artwork. What if your intended recipient could have their own dog, cat, horse, bull or chicken put on shoes, boots or bag? What about that car enthusiast? A musical instrument for that musician?

Yes, yes and YES!!!!

Just be sure that you are allowed to use the photo, get permission or find your own copyright free images to use (I can help with this) and then it’s no issue. I can’t use licenced images, of course, as that would breach the copyright of those companies or artists.

Examples of photos and artwork:

Custom Car BootsCustom Mary Jane ShoesCustom Car Shoulder HandbagCustom Car Travel BagCustom Dog Canvas Crossbody Handbag

 Custom Design Shoes, Boots and Bags (send a Facebook message to arrange)

These are the gifts that are remembered and talked about for years following the actual giving.

There is no extra cost, at this time, to personalise an item and the design can be done in a matter of days.

As always, the shoes, boots and bags are made especially for you. They are assembled in China at this time as there are no factories in Australia, currently, that are able to do this work. I look forward to a time where I can proudly say they are completely conceived, designed and assembled right here but you can be assured that you ARE supporting a one gal home-based small business in country Victoria by buying from me.

They will take around 3-4 weeks to arrive at Little Goody New Shoes before being posted by AusPost to their final destination. Please make sure to read the shipping page for further details about timelines as world events and holidays can affect production and delivery times.

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